Mitsubishi MJ-E82GH-H 14-Litre Dehumidifier

  • Model: MJE82GHH
  • Manufactured by: Mitsubishi Electric 三菱電機
  • PID: 2451

Obsolete Product! Please choose newer models.


Intelligent laundry
Intelligent Laundry mode estimates the laundry drying time by monitoring the factors like temperature and humidity of the room, enabling 1 to 12 hour continuous laundry drying and will stop automatically, saving more energy.

Effective Air Purifying by Silver Ion Filter
Silver Ion Filter decomposes the bacteria in the air, prevents microbe and allergen invasion. Together with the air-purifying function, it helps to keep the air fresh and clean, thus safeguarding your family's health. The filter can be reused for 2 years under normal circumstance.

Supplement air
Dehumidifiers are able to keep away the oxidizing effects of heat and UV rays by emitting anti-oxidizing aroma of natural herb from the supplement cartridge attached, hence preventing your clothes from yellowing.

Drying Inside
The drying inside function suppresses the growth of mildew inside the machine by removing the moisture inside, further enhancing a healthy environment.

Mildew Guard
According to the room humidity level, mildew guard function can automatically operate every day to keep the humidity level to 40%. Thus restraining the growth of mildew and keep your home dry and fresh.

Auto Humidistat
Built-in Auto Humidistat maintains constant room humidity with a selection of 5 preset humidity levels (50%, 55%, 60%, 65% and 70%), which is made to suit individual needs.

LCD Display Control Panel
LCD display control panel makes operating and monitoring the dehumidifying process easier and clearer.