2bYoung Cellular Cleansing Lotion (125mL)

  • Model: 11329
  • Manufactured by: Mount Romance Australia
  • PID: 3371

Tel: 36473672

Email: sales@gbtrading.net

  • An effective lotion to clean the skin and remove makeup
  • This product contains distillation waters of pure Sandalwood Oil which has a unique ability to assist in the removal of dull surface cells of the skin to regenerate fresh cells. This results in a fresher, brighter and younger looking complexion
  • It can also be used to remove eye makeup.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Use morning and night. Fully moisten a makeup cotton pad, then squeeze out all excess water. Apply 2 pumps of lotion to the damp cotton pad and use to clean skin, remove excess oils and makeup form face and neck area. Wipe over with a fresh damp cotton pad or repeat if required for heavy makeup removal. Follow with 2bYoung Toner.
  • Country of Origin: Australia