Toshiba AW-DUH1200GH(DS) 11kg 770rpm Japanese-style Washer (Low Drainage / “DD INVERTER”)

  • Model: AWDUH1200GH
  • Manufactured by: Toshiba 東芝
  • PID: 4709

Tel: 36473672


  • Washing Capacity: 11kg
  • Drying Capacity: 6kg
  • Spin Speed: 770rpm
  • Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB): An invisibly nano-sized air bubble gathers detergents on its surface and deeply penetrate through fiber gap which effectively remove the stains from the fibers, results in superior cleaning.
  • DD Inverter: Quiet, Energy Saving & Precise Control.
  • Star Crystal Drum -Huge stainless steel drum creates washboard kneading wash effect without damaging the clothes.
  • Powerful Pulsator: 1170 holes scattered on Six 3D blades allows 50L/min of water get through the holes which stir & remove stubborn stain on the fibers effectively.
  • Hydro Twin Power: Stronger water calculation is generated by the devices to deeper detergent penetration into clothes, hence increase the cleanness.
  • 9 Wash Courses: Regular, Soak, Heavy Wash, Memory, Delicate, Blanket, Fragrance, Speed, Tub Clean
  • Dual Cassette Lint Filters
  • Water Flow Power (Gentle/Middle/Strong)
  • Tub Clean: Prevent smell or the problem of water draining by removing the dirt of the starch from the tub
  • Tub Dry: Using air in-taking to remove the moisture of the tub to prevent mildew
  • Auto Power off : the washer will automatically turn off after 15 seconds of the washing process finished to achieve the energy-saving
  • Zero Standby Electricity
  • Resume Function
  • Linear Water Level (19L-72L)
  • Child Proof Mode & Lid Lock
  • Preset Timer (1-24hours)
  • Chinese & English Control Panel Display
  • Lint Filter
  • See-through Lid (Glass Lid)
  • Dimensions: 630(W) x 1030(H) x 675(D) mm
  • Body Color: Dark Sliver
  • Lid Color: Dark Grey
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
  • Warranty: 2-Year