Samsung 7kg WA90U3WEQ Japan-style Washer

  • Model: WA90U3WEQ
  • Manufactured by: Samsung 三星
  • PID: 86

Obsolete Product! Please choose newer models.


The power of Double Storm's multi-dimensional water currents and Ag+ Silver Nano technology, combine to provide a lasting clean while keeping them tangle free to lengthen the life of your clothes.

Double Storm System

  • Dual jets of water from independent pulsators create multi-dimensional water currents to scrub dirt from clothes without damaging the fabric. Inner Storm keeps clothes tangle-free as they move through the wash. Outer Storm makes use of the walls' raised edges to create a strong washboard effect for more effective cleansing.
Less Tangle, Better Wash
  • Tangle-free pulsation for a tangle-free clean. The powerful water streams enhance both the durability and reliability of your fine fabrics, preventing the laundry from getting twisted and knotted.
Magic Filter
  • Unlike conventional filters, Magic Filter is coated with silver ions for an anti-bacterial effect.
Air Turbo Drying System™
  • In the Air Turbo Drying System™ a powerful motor rapidly rotates the washing machine drum to pull more water out of the load and reduce drying time. With the combination of dual air intakes, to draw in more air and turbo power, choosing Samsung washine machine help you save 30%-40% of drying time.
Ergonomic design