Toshiba AW-F750SH 6.5kg 700rpm Japanese-style Washer (Low Drainage)

  • Model: AWF750SH
  • Manufactured by: Toshiba 東芝
  • PID: 4706

Obsolete Product! Please choose newer models.


  • Capacity: 6.5kg
  • Spin Speed: 700rpm
  • "Circular Intake" Super Spin Dry – Help the clothes dry easily
  • Star Crystal & Stainless Steel Drum: Create a scrub board effect during washing clothes
  • 4 Wash Courses: Regular / Speed / Soak / Delicate
  • Tub Cleaning
  • Condensed Bubble Wash
  • Pre-set Timer (6/9 Hours): It will activate the washing and complete it at your pre-selected time.
  • Linear Water Level (12~53L): With the integrated sensor, it can automatically adjust the water level to the right proportionate with wash load.
  • Child Proof Mode & Lid Lock: This operation will be instantly altered and stopped if the lid is opened during washing cycle. The lid is automatically locked in rinse and spin cycle.
  • Powerful Hybrid Pulsator - Creates cubic water flow, enhance the cleansing performance