Toshiba AW-J900DPH 8kg 700rpm Japanese-style Washer (High Drainage)

  • Model: AWJ900DPH
  • Manufactured by: Toshiba 東芝
  • PID: 4708

Obsolete Product! Please choose newer models.


  • Capacity: 8kg
  • Spin Speed: 700rpm
  • Efficient Laundry: The GREATWAVES unique laundry technology, which uses a combination of different convections to create a strong water flow that reduces laundry time by up to 22.2%*
  • Energy Saving: The GREATWAVES washing machine program reduces laundry time and saves nearly 26.9% of electricity*
  • Clothing Protection: Strong water flow can effectively disperses stains, keeping clothes clean, saving laundry time, avoiding excessive washing and soaking, and prolongs the clothes' expectancy
  • 3‧3 Laundry Technology: 3 strong waterfalls plus 3 water flows complete the most efficient laundry program. The strong water flows overflows from 3 places and then goes into the drum at different angles to enhance the penetration of clothing
  • No Warp Flow: further disperse the clothes through two-way Flow to avoid tangling of clothes
  • Upper Push Flow: Forms a strong Upper thrust, which causes the clothes to be thrown up with the water, increasing the contact surface and effectively cleaning the stubborn dirt
  • Gush Flow: A surge created by a 3D impeller that cleans the laundry while avoiding excessive pulling of the garment
  • Hydro Triple Power: Stronger water calculation is generated by the devices to deeper detergent penetration into clothes, hence increase the cleanness