Carl Techno MAP-5000N Air Sterilizer & Purifier

  • Model: MAP5000N
  • Manufactured by: Carl Techno
  • PID: 1028

Obsolete Product! Please choose newer models.


This air sterilizer and purifier utilises ultra-violet light to kill bateria and viruses, photocatalyst for deodorization, and electrostatic filter to remove dust and pollens, etc.


  • Sterilization by Ultra-Violet Light - 3 sets of UV lamps kill bateria and viruses
  • Deodorization by Photocatalyst - 2 sets of photocatalyst honeycombs decompose and deodorize malodorous components caught by the honeycomb
  • Dust Removal by filter - Pre-filter removes large dust particles and electrostatic filter removes small dust particles and pollens, etc.