Sharp IG-CL15A Plasmacluster Ion Generator (160ft²)

  • Model: IGCL15A
  • Manufactured by: Sharp 聲寶
  • PID: 1188

Obsolete Product! Please choose newer models.


HD Plasmacluster technology inactivates viruses, mold, and allergens effectively

  • High-density Plasmacluster Ions
    • By using high voltage, Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit produces high density of Plasmacluster ions. High-density Plasmacluster ions can inactivate 99.9% airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens. It can also suppress the growth of mold and remove odor.
  • Long Nozzle and Narrow Emission Outlet
    • Allows the Plasmacluster ions to be delivered over a long distance to the farthest corners of the room.
  • Split Emission Structure
    • It emits Plasmacluster ions efficiently by suppressing reduction in density caused by positive and negative ions combining near the outlet. Moreover, the direction of louvers can be easily changed, so that you can purify entire room or for spot deodorizing uses.
  • Low Power Consumption & Quiet Operation