Sharp KC-Z380A Air Purifier with Humidified HD PD PCI (520ft²)

  • Model: KCZ380A
  • Manufactured by: Sharp 聲寶
  • PID: 2582

Obsolete Product! Please choose newer models.


Air Purifier with HD Plasmacluster Ion (HD PCI) Effectively Inactivates Airborne Allergens, Viruses, Bacteria, Mold and Reduces Odors.

  • Dual Air Outlet enhance air circulation
    • featured a 20˚-angled air outlet at the back, and another outlet in the front. This can facilitate air circulation and enhance efficient dust extraction ability.
  • "Clean Air & Humidify" Mode, emitting Plasmacluster Ions (PCI) and Water Molecules together, enhances air purifying performance
    • Approximately Double its Air Purifying Power on the removal of airborne bacteria
    • Approximately 3.5 times its power to Neutralize Static Electricity for the reduction of household dust and pollen on clothing.
    • Approximately 3 times its Deodorizing Power in the elimination of odors embedded to curtains, sofas and clothing
  • "Clean Ion Shower" Mode
    • Releases a burst of High-Density Plasmacluster Ions (HD PCI) in a shower-like pattern into the air to inactivate the airborne viruses, mold and allergens effectively
  • High Performance of 4-level Filtering System
    • Pre-filter: Captures large dust particles (500µm or above) with the micron mesh for easy clean up
    • Washable Active Carbon Filter: Has powerful deodorizing ability, can remove various kinds of odor (e.g. cigarette smell, garbage odor, pets odor, etc).
    • De-formaldehyde Filter: Removes formaldehyde up to 94%, can also removes various kind of odors (e.g. cigarette smell, garbage odor, pet odor, etc)
    • HEPA Filter with Microbial Control: 99.97% dust collection rate, collects ultra-fine dust, cigarette smoke*2 and pollen, and can restrain the growth of microbes
  • Four Sensors (Dust, Temperature and Humidity) enable automatic operation.