Panasonic NU-SC100W 15-Litre Steam Oven with Convection

  • Model: NUSC100W
  • Manufactured by: Panasonic 樂聲
  • PID: 3047

Obsolete Product! Please choose newer models.


  • Equiped with steam, bake, steam bake, healthy fry and fermentation function
  • Three levels of steam temperature selection (Low/Med/High)
  • Maximum 30 minutes of steam generation
  • 17 preset menus, included: steam fish, steam eggs, steam Chinese bun, steam frozen food, steam chicken piece, steam fresh vegetable, steam sweet potato cube, home-made yogurt, home-made pizza, barbecue pork, fried fish fillet, cheese cake and 5 cleaning functions
  • Healthy fry function can cook oil-free or oil-less fried food
  • Convection temperature selection: 100°C - 230°C
  • Steam convection temperature selection: 190°C - 230°C
  • Fermentation function