Carrier 42KCEJ09LV 1HP Wall-Mount-Split Air-Con(Inverter, 420mm)

  • Model: 42KCEJ09LV
  • Manufactured by: Carrier 開利
  • PID: 3824

Tel: 36473672


  • Outdoor units of 420mm height which can be easily installed in window platforms, and no scaffolding needed, saving money and time
  • Inverter split type air conditioners could achieve its highest speed in a short period of time, allowing to reach designated temperature shortly
  • Grade 1 Energy Efficiency
  • Wi-Fi Remote enable to set the operation, temperature and the other setting in the mobile phone after download the app
  • 3 in 1 Nano-Silver Negative Ionizer Non-Electric Filter eliminates dust, smoke and kills bacteria
  • HI-SPEED Mode maximizes the output of cooling capacity, thus attains the desired temperature in the shortest time
  • Independent dehumidification mode is most suitable during humid days
  • ECO Mode enables an optimum temperature at night to save energy and maintain comfort
  • SELF CLEAN function can be used to clean the evaporator after the shut down of cooling operation
  • With anti-corrosive gold fin on the evaporator condenser and anti-corrosive cabinet, the air conditioner is more capable of withstanding rain and corrosion
  • Cleanable panel and washable filter are easy to be detached for periodic cleaning
  • Timer can be set to start and stop at any point in a 24-hour period
  • Auto swing system distributes cool or warm air to a maximum area
  • In case of unexpected power cut, Auto-Restart function allows the air conditioner to restart with the previous function setting automatically when the power resumes
  • Remote control
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Indoor Unit: 42KCEJ09LV
  • Outdoor Unit: 38KCEJ09LV
  • Cooling Capacity: 9000(Fixed) / 2700(Min) / 11900(Max) BTU/hr
  • Power Consumption: 710(Fixed) / 300(Min) / 1500(Max) W
  • Operating Current: 3.3A
  • Dehumidifying Capacity: 0.4 L/hr
  • Airflow Volume(High): 534 m³/hr
  • Indoor Unit Dimensions: 802W x 297H x 189D mm
  • Outdoor Unit Dimensions 682W x 420H x 343D mm
  • Net Weight(Indoor): 8.2kg
  • Net Weight(Outdoor): 20kg
  • Liquid Side Hose Diameter: 6.35mm (1/4")
  • Gas Side Hose Diameter: 9.52mm (3/8")
  • Power Supply Source: Indoor Unit
  • Plug Type: 13A Plug
  • Warranty: 1-Year (1-Year for compressor)