Panasonic CS-PS24UKA 2.5HP Split Air Con (Inverter Cooling)

  • Model: CSPS24UKA
  • Manufactured by: Panasonic 樂聲
  • PID: 4605

Tel: 36473672


  • 2.5 HP (Inverter Cooling)
  • Energy Efficiency Label: 1
  • Cooling Capacity: 23200 (3820 - 25600) BTU/hr
  • COP: 3.43 (Cooling)
  • "Inverter" adjusts output power finely to maintain a constant temperature and save energy
  • nanoe-G Air Purifying System inactivates 99% PM2.5, airborne and adhesive micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and mould, which comes with In-filter Deactivation feature
  • Independent Operation of nanoe-G Air Purifying Function
  • AEROWINGS features twin flaps that give you more control over the direction of the airflow
  • Environmental Friendly R410A Refrigerant
  • Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin Condenser
  • 24-Hour Dual On/Off Setting Timer
  • Indoor Unit: CS-PS24UKA
  • Outdoor Unit: CU-PS24UKA
  • Pipe Diameter: 1/4(Liquid) / 5/8(Gas) inch
  • Dimension (Indoor Unit): W1102 H302 D244 mm
  • Dimension (Outdoor Unit): W875 H795 D320 mm
  • Warranty: 1-Year / 5-Year (Compressor)