Garwoods EC-7288RC Twin-Burner Induction/Electric Hob

  • Model: EC7288RC
  • Manufactured by: Garwoods 樂思
  • PID: 3557

Obsolete Product! Please choose newer models.


  • Suitable for built-in or free stand installation
  • France EURO KERA® ceramic glass top
  • Facetted glass edge for front side
  • Dual-function electrical cooker (Induction + Infrared)
  • Intelligent power sharing system; maximum 2600W(Induction) and 1200W(Infrared) heating power with 9 levels + Booster (Induction) 5 levels (Infrared) power control
  • Utilize Half-bridge drivers technology (Induction)
  • High Quality of German EGO Radiant Heating Elements (Infrared)
  • Apply for all kinds of flat bottom cookware (Infrared)
  • Safety lock
  • Safety protective device

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