Panasonic SR-JHF18 1.8-Litre Induction Heating Warm Jar

  • Model: SRJHF18
  • Manufactured by: Panasonic 樂聲
  • PID: 1539

Obsolete Product! Please choose newer models.


  • Capacity: 1.8 Litres / 1-10 cups / 1,300W
  • Diamond Fluorine coating can create 2.5 times total number of bubbles more than conventional to make vigorous circulation and evenly heating
  • Advanced Induction Heating, Rice Can Be Heated More Thoroughly
  • Thick, Dimpled Surface, Charcoal Coated, Far-Infrared Heating Inner Pan
  • Rice washable in inner pan
  • Detachable inner lid
  • Small Amount White Rice Cooking Mode