Samsung RS58K66677P/SH 574L Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Water Dispenser

  • Model: RS58K66677PSH
  • Manufactured by: Samsung 三星
  • PID: 4222

Obsolete Product! Please choose newer models.


  • Twin Cooling Plus™ cools the fridge and freezer compartments separately. Independent evaporators and cooling systems ensure the ideal environment, with high humidity and no mixing of odors, so food stays fresher.
  • The Metal Cooling guard retains the cold and helps to restore heat loss, so food is preserved better and stays fresh, even if you frequently open the door. And it adds a premium look and easily wipes clean.
  • Precise Chef Cooling technology minimizes any temperature fluctuation to within just ±0.5°C* by frequently sensing changes and then precisely controlling the operation of the compressor.
  • Has a 4.5 liter water tank for its Ice & Water dispenser, so it can be installed anywhere without plumbing. Add mineral or fresh water to enjoy chilled drinks or ice, without worrying about its quality or filters.
  • A Lock N Move Tray is airtight and movable and fits on rails, so you can easily reach your favorite things in the fridge or freezer. It’s ideal for storing and defrosting meat in the fridge or preserving dried food, like tea in the freezer.
  • Has a very spacious interior with a huge 575 liter capacity. There’s plenty of room to store your weekly groceries and it’s much easier to keep everything neatly organized, so you can quickly find things you need.

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