Panasonic TK-AJ21 Alkaline Ionizer & Water Purifier set

  • Model: TKAJ21
  • Manufactured by: Panasonic 樂聲
  • PID: 1920

Tel: 36473672



  • This unit includes alkaline ionizer (TK-AJ21S1) and water purifier (TK-CJ21). Two units have to be connected together to work
  • Alkaline: 3 levels; Weak acidic: 1 level & Water Purifying
  • Compact size. Easy for installation
  • TK-CJ21: Ultra Filtration System (Remove Trihalomenthane, free residual Chlorine, soluble lead, mold smell, turbidity and etc)
  • Hollow Fiber Membrane shuts out more than 0.1um particles
  • Ceramic can remove soluble lead
  • LCD display
  • Made in Japan


  • Power consumption: 48W (Standby: 0.4W), approx.
  • TK-AS21S1 Dimensions: 100(W) x 95(D) x 250(H) mm
  • TK-CJ21 Dimensions: 125(W) x 110(D) x 75(H) mm
  • TK-AJ21S1 Weight: 1.2kg (Filled with water: Approximately 1.4kg)
  • TK-CJ21 Weight: 350g (Filled with water: Approximately 490g)
  • Usable water temperature: Under 35°C (Bypass selector: Under 80°C)
  • Usable water pressure (Dynamic pressure): 70 kPa- 350kPa
  • Usable water service pressure (Static pressure): 70 kPa- 750kPa
  • Electrolysis method: Continuous Electrolysis
  • Output water volume (Generated water flow amount): 1.2L/min (at water pressure of 100kPa)
  • Electrolytic capability selection: Alkaline: 3 levels / Acidic: 1 level
  • Continuous operation capacity: 5 minutes at room temperature, approx.
  • Electrolyzer life: 270 hours cumulative (ion water generating time and cleansing time only), approx.
  • Electrolytic cleaning: Auto-cleaning Method (Cleaning time approximately 8 seconds, waste water discharge time approximately 90 seconds)
  • Purified water output volume: 1.2L/min (at water pressure of 100kPa)
  • Filtration flow volume: 1.8L/min (at water pressure of 100kPa)
  • Filtration capacity:
    • Free Residual Chlorine: 4,000L
    • Turbidity: 4,000L
    • Total trihalomethane: 4,000L
    • 2-MIB: 4,000L
    • Iron; Aluminum; Geosmin: 4,000L
    • Phenols: 4,000L
    • Soluble Lead: 4,000L
  • Filter usage limit (Guide to replacement): 12 months (at rate of 10L/day) (approx.)
  • Filter Materials: Non-woven fabric, granular activated carbon, ceramic, mesh filter, hollow filber membrane
  • Removable constituents: Free Residual Chlorine; Turbidity; Total Trihalomethane; 2-MIB; Iron; Aluminum; Geosmin; Phenols, Soluble Lead
  • Non-removable constituents: Iron dissolved in the water, heavy metals (silver, copper, etc.) and salt
  • Length of power cord: 2M (approx.)
  • Power protection device: 2.0A fuse
  • Overheating protection devices (inside isolation transformer): Overheating protector (Automatic resetting type, Over 75°C, operation is stopped, Below 65°C, Operation is activated)
  • Replacement cartridge model: TK-CJ21C1